How to get into CoinsLoot?

Are you ready for revolution in the crypto world? We prepared something very special in CoinsLoot for every user, who needs something new in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Investing in cryptocurrencies has always been associated with excitement and high risk. There is no doubt that excitement attracts people, but risk is what drives them away. CoinsLoot is the world — first platform which offers the best experience, but without any risk or fear of loss.

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CoinsLoot wants to change people’s beliefs, that cryptocurrencies must be boring and investing on the exchange requires specialist knowledge or big experience.

We created the most friendly platform for getting and trading cryptocurrencies. Our main inspiration when creating CoinsLoot was the loot boxes system. What is loot box? Usually, the loot boxes appear in video games, they can be redeemed to receive randomised selection of further virtual items or loot, as a simple customization option for a player’s avatar or character, to game — changing equipment.

Loot boxes in CoinsLoot work differently. You don’t need to go through any levels, like in a game, loot boxes in CoinsLoot don’t play a role of reward, it is the user who chooses the amount of money he wants to invest, the content of the box remains a mystery.

What’s in the Loot Box? CoinsLoot is a cryptocurrency platform, so in the boxes are prepared the best cryptocurrencies: you can get Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Bitcoin (BTC) of course. If you are thinking about getting DeFi tokens, but you have problems with deciding which one is the best, you can also draw a DeFi box.

CoinsLoot is also the world — first platform, which allows users to change cryptocurrencies into real gadgets. Depending on how much you invest you can draw boxes with very luxury or popular content, like the most desirable and limited sneakers, Louis Vuitton’s bags and a lot more. The Tesla X is the most luxurious and innovative car right now. You think it’s not possible to get Tesla X? In CoinsLoot we give the opportunity to everyone, who is dreaming about Tesla or limited items, which makes it like the only place to get some valuable, unique gadgets.

In games and many platforms, which promise you big rewards is a big risk that you not get anything and lose your money. In CoinsLoot we use no loss guarantee system, so you always draw the amount you have invested in. To make you more secure we use advanced solutions to secure your account and ensure privacy.

What do you need to get into CoinsLoot platform? The pass is the LOOT token. What role does LOOT play in the process? LOOT is our native token created to ensure full transparency, smoothless crypto experience and secure transactions. It is based on the trusted ERC-20 protocol. How to get a LOOT token? It will be available during the ICO, which is starting on November 19th. ICO has been planned on the 5 stages, and on the first one investors will be able to buy LOOT for 0,06 USDT. The end is planned on February 28th, 2021. How many tokens should you buy? Everything depends on what content you are most interested in, you always get as much as you invested.

If you think that CoinsLoot is the best platform where you can get world — class cryptocurrencies in easy and entertaining way, join us on:





Are you ready for the worlds first crypto loot boxes? The most exciting and entertaining way of buying all the top cryptocurrencies.

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Are you ready for the worlds first crypto loot boxes? The most exciting and entertaining way of buying all the top cryptocurrencies.

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