How to stake $LOOT and get your passive income?

Staking is one of the most important aspects of, as investors who stake $LOOT will earn dividends/profits on every single transaction that occurs from users opening Loot Boxes.

$LOOT staking is available on

Once the platform gets just 5,000 daily users, the daily CoinsLoot’s profit will be around $280k a day, 75% of which will be distributed between the LOOT token holders.

When you staking tokens — every day you earn Staking Power (SP), after 200 days you have 2x SP, whereas for 100 days you have 1.5x SP.

Once the user decides to unstake LOOTs, the lock-up period for tokens is 5 days.

In order to stake $LOOT you only need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Go to , click “Add Balance” in the top right corner and connect your MetaMask (in case you have your LOOT tokens on CoinCasso platform, please, withdraw it to your MetaMask wallet first)
Connect your wallet to
Open your Profile by clicking the icon in the top right corner

2. Click to your Profile in the top right corner and you will see the dashboard with your Balance, Statistics and Staking Panel. Click “STAKE PANEL”.

Open Staking panel

3. In the opened dashboard click “Stake LOOT” again and choose the number of tokens you would like to stake (minimum value of LOOTs should be bigger than 1000) and click “Approve LOOT” which allows the contract to use your LOOTs. Number of LOOTs given here cannot be less than the number of LOOTs you want to stake.

Start Staking LOOTs

4. Provide a number of LOOTs equal to or less than the number of LOOTs approved earlier, adjust your MetaMask transaction fee avoiding the amount smaller than average, wait few minutes until the transaction is processed on a blockchain, and it is done.

5. Refresh CoinsLoot page if necessary and you will see your staked LOOTs balance. If it is not there, check your staking transaction status on

Don’t forget to stake LOOT tokens to earn profits from every single transaction that occurs from users opening Loot Boxes on the platform.

Try your new crypto experience by simply connecting your MetaMask at!

Development of CoinsLoot is going really fast, so for the latest updates follow us on:


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