Why do people love loot boxes?

Loot boxes are containers in computer games containing random virtual items. Depending on the production, it can be obtained for progressing in the game or by buying for virtual or real money using micropayments.

Loot boxes were popularized through their inclusion in several games throughout the mid-2010s.

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In the loot box you can find a randomized selection of items that customize or alter the user’s experience of the game.

Depending on the game, Loot boxes are giving you new gear or tools, changing the appearance of character and more, but the content of loot boxes is not the reason people love them so much. The whole appeal is emotions, that feeling when you open your loot box, and you find something in it that gives you satisfaction and encourages you to continue playing. This is what people really expect from loot boxes.

According to that, we decided to use the loot box system in the CoinsLoot project, we want to provide our users with the best experience of opening our loot boxes. But as we care about the emotions and experience, we also ensure the best security. Opposite to the traditional boxes in the games we decided to use no loss guarantee, which means that in CoinsLoot you always get valuable content inside your box.

What else are differences between our loot boxes and the traditional ones?

Well, firstly you need to remember that CoinsLoot is not a gaming platform. Which means that you don’t play to win a loot box. You just get on the platform with LOOT tokens, swap them into Loot Points and depending on the equivalent you are invested in you are opening boxes.

In the traditional gaming loot boxes all you can get is a new game equipment or new appearance character, but in the CoinsLoot you can get real items. We have the newest smart phones, sneakers, PlayStation, and more. This is a very revolutionary idea, which might change the whole Loot Boxes system, but what is more important, we hope that our platform will change the crypto world showing people that getting cryptocurrencies can be also entertaining. Providing users with emotions will make new people who have been afraid of investing in cryptocurrencies, they will find out that it is not only safe but also fun.

The main difference is the content of our boxes. We are the first world platform connecting the world of crypto with loot boxes. CoinsLoot is a revolutionary platform that is provided by the LOOT tokens. The main goal of CoinsLoot is to give its users the best experiences of the buy, and more important from opening Loot Boxes. We made our native LOOT token to ensure full transparency, smooth crypto experience and secure transaction. But that’s not everything that makes CoinsLoot even more unique. We made our platform as a place where you can use cryptocurrencies primarily in a way that ensures fun and allows people to get loot boxes without having to play games.

If we caught your interest you can find us on:

Telegram: t.me/CoinsLootOfficial